Recruitment process outsourcing

outsourcing procesu rekrutacyjnego

You are in a hurry. Your organization grows, you create new branches, you hire more people. The goals are ambitious. You already know that a recruitment tsunami is coming. You do not have time to read e-mails, let alone take care of the so-called candidate experience.

How to find yourself in this madness? What to do, to be able to focus on strategic actions and at the same time bring the current targets? In this situation, it is good to have Tobea with you – the right people for special tasks, who are familiar with recruitment, understand the importance of employer branding and are not afraid of hard work.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is one of the business strategies in the recruitment process, under which the employer passes some or all of the recruitment processes and procedures to a trusted recruitment company. The concept of outsourcing the recruitment processes is simple- you hire a company that specializes in handling all your recruitment needs.

Benefits of recruitment outsourcing

Recruitment outsourcing gives you savings.

Before implementing recruitment outsourcing, analyse the budget for recruitment with your own strengths, taking into account especially the working time of key people involved in the process. It is estimated that outsourcing can save 20-30%. Tobea specializes in supporting companies in the recruitment process and has already faced the many challenges in mass recruitment, tested various solutions and knows which are the most effective.

Right match of the employee and the organization reduces rotation

Before starting the recruitment process, we work to understand our client’s organizational culture. We talk with managers and future supervisors of the candidate, we analyse the expectations, the characteristics of the job and the main values of the organization. During recruitment for higher positions, we additionally conduct psychological tests and assessment to be sure that we recommend the right person. This approach limits rotation in the company.

Tobea team cares about candidate’s experience

There are very important elements in the candidate experience that may seem insignificant. The first contact with the candidate, the content of the e-mails, first telephone conversations, the initial meetings. Every detail influences the candidate’s subconscious assessment of your company.

Flexible recruitment outsourcing process will adjust to your needs

We know your recruitment needs are changing. That is why Tobea matches the size of the recruitment team to your needs. We want to be flexible for you and at the same time to help you increase control over the recruitment process. Current detailed reports will allow you to make quick decisions. You will get accurate information about the cost of employment or return on investment in recruitment. Tobea is not a replacement for an HR department, but rather a convenient complement to increase productivity. We will help you with selecting best applications, so you can meet the best candidates and make final decision about hiring.

Outsourcing of recruitment projects that require a lot of recruitment work, e.g. pre-selection of candidates, allows internal HR departments to focus on priority tasks from the organization’s point of view, such as training, development or motivating employees.

At what stage of recruitment can Tobea help?

Recruitment process outsourcing

1. Profiling of the candidate

You can create complete candidate profile with Tobea by establishing necessary competences and specification of formal requirements for the wanted employees. It is a good start of a recruitment process.

2. Recruitment campaign

We help planning and conducting a recruitment campaign using various channels. We have understanding that recruitment process is a great opportunity to help build an employer brand. We help with creating announcements, designing and implementing a recruitment campaign in cooperation with the Enzo marketing agency.

3. Pre-selection of candidates

Tobea specializes in pre-selection of mass applications using customer tools or its own, in accordance with the assumptions of the recruitment campaign, taking into account each candidate’s unique experience. The end result is a list of carefully selected candidates, who will be best suited to your organization.

Whan can we do?

  • We check the documents and required qualifications of candidates.
  • We conduct preliminary recruitment interviews with candidates.
  • We adjust the size of recruitment team flexibly to your needs.
  • The fees depend on the number of recruiters involved in recruitment process in a given month, you receive an invoice at the end of each month, based on the report.
  • When changing the assumptions or terms of service during the project, we assume that together we will find a solution that will satisfy both sides.

4. Meetings with the candidates

Tobea will arrange appointments with candidates and advise on choosing the ideal one. If necessary, we will moderate meetings or workshops or prepare the manager for key meetings with candidates. We are here to help with all your recruitment and onboarding needs.

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