tobea total pictureA Polish recruitment company, operating since 2012.
Our firm was created by a group of business professionals, who believe in value based recruitment and management.
Each of us possess more than 10 years of business experience, for international companies, principals and candidates as well.

We believe that the perfect match is a key success factor in business.

It is crucial for an employer to find an employee who is satisfied with a job, motivated and performing successfully in a long term.

We are interested equally in our customers and candidates needs. Offering the right job to the right person is our aim. Always. We are passionate in discovering talents.


tobea discovery talentsWe recruit people across borders.

For the candidates that we represent, the project not the country is paramount. We also represent candidates, who are open for mobile or remote work, as top class experts in what they do.

We use Harrison Assessments system.


In recruitment we specialise particularly in:

E-commerce Industry IT
Startups Local branches of international companies
Business Development Managers ok ok ok ok
Project Managers ok ok ok ok
Managers ok ok ok ok
Specialists ok ok ok ok

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